Dr. Boukje Eerkens, Psy.D., QME, is a licensed clinical psychologist and Qualified Medical Examiner working for over 20 years in intensive inpatient and outpatient settings treating depression, anxiety, and PTSD, among other conditions.  Her own experience and recovery from PTSD/postpartum depression in 2010 following the birth of her daughter led her to focus her research on the impact of psychological trauma incurred during labor and delivery.

In private practice, Dr. Eerkens now focuses on mental health conditions caused by stress and pain, immigration/cultural hardship, and the postpartum period.  She utilizes evidence-based treatments including third wave CBT / Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) informed by psychoanalytic treatment modalities to observe collaboratively how one relates to their thoughts and feelings, to retrain mental operations and experience vulnerability as a strength, to understand the counterproductive nature of experiential avoidance in living fully, and to work more generally towards increasing psychological flexibility to bear our feelings and overcome hardship.  Dr. Eerkens conducts qualified/agreed medical examinations, therapeutic assessments, and general psychodiagnostic evaluations.  She serves as a Qualified Medical Examiner for the California Department of Industrial Relations and as Consulting Psychologist for the State of California Department of Healthcare Services. She is a former Expert Reviewer for the Board of Psychology.

A passionate hiker, she lives at the base of the Terra Linda-Sleepy Hollow Divide in San Rafael, California with her husband and daughter, where she can step out her front door and traverse the many trails on the hillsides surrounding her.