On Natural Parenting

3 Ways The Natural Parenting Movement Dehumanizes Women


“That the suffering of childbirth is all in a woman’s head, not real but a consequence of conditioning against our natural instincts, is a popular meme in the natural parenting community. It has no basis in reality or in an equal society. When’s the last time we asked a man to pass a kidney stone or endure a migraine without pain relief because it’s ‘natural’?”

“I choose not to take advice on what’s most natural and therefore best for me and my children from a movement that prefers me barefoot making an all-natural from-scratch meal, strapped to a nursing baby that I birthed in agony so I can prove my all-natural worth. As long as my children know their parents love them, and see that a woman and mother is more than her most base instincts and valued for more than the functions of her reproductive organs? The kids will be alright.”